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11th – 13th March 2010

Here’s a video of me zip-lining through the forest in Laos, where we stayed in treehouses for two nights, watching Gibbons and other wildlife in the Bokeo Conservation Area as part of the Gibbon Experience.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Some gibbons we saw from our treehouse:

We got pretty lucky in seeing Gibbons as they roam in troops over a large area of forest, and there’s no guarantee that they will be anywhere near the treehouses on any given day, though the guides take you trekking to try and find and see them. More photos at SmugMug.

Wen also went zip-lining, possibly because there was no other way to get to our treehouse for the night:


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Riding in Göreme

Well, we’re now in Turkey, soon to travel to Syria, and I realise it’s been a while since I wrote my own post for the blog. Well, I’m not about to catch up with this one, but thought I’d skip forward with a photo from Göreme, in the Cappadocia region of Turkey.
Wabs riding horses around the moonscape of Cappadocia
Have a look at the bizarre ‘fairy chimney’ structures in the background. They’re all around the town we’re staying in, and most were hollowed out and made into houses hundreds of years ago. It’s quite surreal. The Göreme open air museum showcases a set of thousand year old churches hollowed out of these fairy chimneys and the surrounding cliffs.

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