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Version 15 June 2009

17 June: Leave London, head to Belgium and Netherlands

21 – 25 June: Paris
Last weekend of June: Meet friends in San Sebastian. Possibly end trip by spending entire budget on pintxos.

1st week of July: Volunteer on farm in Orgiva, near Granada in Southern Spain
2nd week of July: Morocco
3rd week of July: Pay homage to Barcelona, take boat to Rome

2nd half of July: Rome, go across Italy to Bari to take a boat to Dubrovnik; Vienna, Prague
1st half of August: Berlin, Krakow, Warsaw, Vilnius

2nd half of August: Riga, Tallinn, St Petersburg, Moscow
End of August: Take first flight on the trip, to Istanbul

September: Check out Ramadan night life – Turkey, Syria, Jordan and Egypt. Quite likely celebrate Eid in Egypt

October – November: East Africa and South Africa

December: India


Mid Janauary: Zip over to Ghana for a Dzakpasu clan celebration

Early February: Zip back to Goa and Coorg in India to be a guest at my first full scale (finally) Indian wedding.

(After this we’re really talking broad sketches)

February – March: Drift east towards China. Ideally through Nepal, but I’m not yet convinced this is doable in Fe-brrrrrrrrrrrr-uary. Route through South East Asia to be decided, but need to get to Singapore for Grandma’s 95th birthday bash in late March.

April: Plotting to celebrate Bab’s 30th in Tokyo, Japan. Maybe some combination of Korea and China afterwards

May: Australia and New Zealand, if we have any money left

June: Here’s where we realized there’s still South America to go, and it will need 3 months. Whatever else happens, by hook or by crook we’re going to Argentina.

“But what about the USA?!”

We’d love to, but we simply can’t afford a big USA odyssey this time around. Driving coast to coast in America is still on my to-do list. Sometime, somehow, someway.

Stay tuned.


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